Independent Film Trust Summer School

We are so excited to be teaming up with the Independent Film Trust again for the 2015 Summer School. Email us at to get an application form and nab your place!


Details: August 21 @ 6pm – August 30 @3pm

Cost: £1,000 (Residential places available on request)

Venue: Raindance Film Centre, 10 Craven Street, London, WC2N 5PE

Phone: 0207 738 5032

Tutors: Charlotte Knowles, Niels Ladefoged

Duration: 10 days

About the course:
For young film-makers looking to make their first step into the film business, having your own short film is essential. Your first short film is your first real credit and enables you to show off your talents to wide audiences. This course focuses on helping you to develop your skills in film-making and produce that first short film. The summer school will introduce you to other young film-makers and help you to establish a team that you can work with on future projects. The course will also introduce you to a wide range of industry professionals and give you real insight into the world of film-making. For young film-makers looking to get into film, this could be your first step on the ladder. For young people looking to work with a team and develop a great story, this will be an experience you wont forget.  

This intensive course will enable you to develop your skills in all areas of production, from script to screen and understand the importance of your audience. Learn how to direct on-time and on-budget, get the results you want even with limited resources, and most importantly, how to get your work seen by people that matter.

To make the course as accessible as possible, we are offering two full scholarships and one half scholarship to young people who 
show real talent and imagination in their applications. 
So get your applications in quickly!

Application forms can be downloaded here or obtained by emailing All applications must be submitted by email to by midday on August 1st, 2015.

Who is it for?
The summer school is for enthusiastic, passionate film-lovers aged between 16 and 19.

What will I get?
The 10-day summer school is a very intensive series of workshop through which you will gain invaluable insight from industry professionals from all sectors of the film business, culminating in the production and screening of your very own short film. For film-makers just starting out in the business, having a calling card is essential and this summer school is geared towards helping you produce your first real short film, and present your talents in the best possible light.

The course will include:

  • Producing a short film from script to screen

  • Workshops and talks from industry professionals

  • Field trips to film companies

  • Screening of your film in a major London cinema 

  • Submission of your film to the 2016 Raindance Film Festival


What are they saying?
“One of the most well organised and productive projects we have ever been involved with” Tom Muir, Hampton Project

“Being told to get out and start shooting pictures has given a whole new level of confidence… [participants] have starred in and produced their own films, which will receive a prestige West End premiere this week.” – Mark Gould, Guardian

“It was an amazing experience” – Jill Bryan, Westminster Mind


About the Tutors:

Charlotte Knowles: Charlotte has over 14 years of experience working in film and television in the UK, France, Brazil, Italy and China. She has produced documentary work for the BBC, ITN and Arte and her video, film and photography pieces have been featured by national press as well as international film festivals and broadcasters.
Charlotte founded Shoots & Leaves Films as a creative agency that seeks to use creative media to inspire positive change. During this time, Charlotte has produced hundreds of film, video, photography and interactive projects. In the past year, Charlotte has guided Shoots & Leaves Films’ transition into measuring impact achieved through the creative projects they produce.

Niels Ladefoged: Niels is a documentary filmmaker and video artist. He started his career working in post-production at the world-renowned Nordic Film in his home country Denmark. Niels later moved to London to pursue documentary directing and is currently involved in a number of feature documentary and interactive documentary projects in collaboration with Shoots & Leaves Films and the Centre of Investigative Journalism.

Happy International Women’s Day!

(Versión en Español)

Having spent the last week with inspiring scientists and researchers from around the world, we decided to dedicate our International Women’s Day to science and the wonderful women who have made some of the most important scientific discoveries – even if they weren’t credited for it at the time! Big thanks goes to the Royal Institution and everyone we met at the Achieving Impact seminars.

Don’t forget to check out the Ri Friday Evening Discourses, the monthly science lectures started by Michael Faraday 200 years ago!

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