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Investing in independent film allows us to forge new creative paths into rarely ventured or undiscovered areas of film-making. At Shoots & Leaves, we are committed to fostering and advancing independent film.


Scroll around to see what we have in production at the moment.

<strong>Fish</strong><br />Status: Pre-production<br /><em>Fish is a black comedy about one man's plight to save his home from the threat of a persistent leak in the ceiling. Faced with the constant bombardment of language barriers and cultural clashes, his journey takes him further and further  into a web of problems and bizarre bureaucracy increasingly spiralling out of control.</em><br />Trailer Coming Soon<br />


<strong>This Time Last Year</strong><br />Status: Post Production<br /><em>This Time Last Year is an artistic and surreal journey into the minds and memories of up-and-coming spoken-word poets Jess Green and Izzy Brooks from the Early Doors Collective. As they retrace and ruminate over their experiences and perceptions of working in education, they are shown to be trapped in a dream-like school environment where absent voices whisper at every corner.</em><br />Trailer Coming Soon<br />

This Time Last Year

<strong>How I Became an Air Hostess</strong><br />Status: Pre-production<br /><em>In 1951, the Star Girls took to the skies. A fleet of ex-Wrens unsatisfied with returning to the kitchen after their prolonged stints as Nazi-fighting warrior women, these ladies sign up to become the first commercial air-hostesses ever to take to the skies. Floating high above the icy international politics of the Cold War era, their story is one of glamour, adventure and independence.</em><br />Trailer Coming Soon<br />

How I became An Air Hostess

<strong>Islanders</strong><br />Status: Pre Production<br /><em>This web documentary covers the perceptions amongst residents of the Turks and Caicos Islands of their cultural and national identity. Caught between aspirations for independence and the political and economic reality of Island life, we take a multimedia approach to explore the realties and contradictions of dependency, “belongership”, and self-determination.</em><br />Trailer Coming Soon<br />


<strong>Whistleblower</strong><br />Status: In Production<br /><em>Whistleblowing is one of the most important phenomena of our age and a revelatory lens through which to view modern society. Media coverage caricatures these men and women who have witnessed illegality or negligence at work and feel compelled to take the risk to bring the facts of their discoveries to the public in the public interest. This film seeks to question how society's approach to whistleblowers has been viewed and how it now plays an important role in determining the shape of our human rights policies and practice. In doing so, we as filmmakers start a unique and much needed debate about free speech, public interest, secrecy and transparency.</em><br />Trailer Coming Soon<br />


<strong>Sound Of DMZ</strong><br />Status: In Production<br /><em>The "Lindenbaum One Orchestra" is composed of 100 North Korean and South Korean young musicians. Founded by the visionary Hyung-Joon Won, they plan to perform a concert in the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea to promote peace in the Korean Peninsula. This documentary explores the potential of unification through music between two countries so divided by historical violence, tempestuous international relations, and disparate economic and political ideologies.</em><br />Trailer Coming Soon<br />

Sound Of DMZ